Participation Agreement

Participation Agreement for Nomad Cohousing Community (Download PDF)

I reside (or intend to reside) in the Nomad Cohousing Community located at 1460 and 1480 Quince Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304.

I am aware of the basic concept of cohousing and support the initial vision statement of Nomad Cohousing (drafted 7/24/1995):

To build a housing community which fosters both independence and interdependence. To create a community, which assures a safe and nurturing environment for all, creates a sense of extended family, utilizes environmentally sound design and materials and allows for the sharing of resources.

I understand that as a community resident I am required to abide by the Declaration of Codes, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), By-Laws and any Agreements of the Nomad Condominium Association (NCA), and I agree to do so.  

I further understand that if I sell my home, I and my prospective buyers will abide by Nomad Cohousing Agreements and the “getting to know us” process for resale of permanently affordable and market rate homes. This process includes potential community members attending an Open House, a common meal and/or one business meeting, and meeting with a minimum of three households prior to finalizing a home purchase.

I fully support the Nomad Cohousing Community’s aim of shared skills and resources and the sustainability of cooperative living. I pledge to participate in activities of the community on a regular basis, including (but not limited to):

  1. Management of our community through regular meetings.

I understand that I am expected to play an ongoing role in the Nomad Cohousing Association (NCA) Home Owners Association (HOA) and serve on the Board of Directors. I understand that if I want a say in the decision-making process of the community, it is my responsibility to attend regular business meetings and know and abide by community processes and decisions.

  1. Preparation of common meals.

I understand that every adult resident (18 or older) shares equally in the preparation and clean up of common meals on a rotating basis.  I agree to do my share to support a dependable community meal system, regardless of how frequently I sign up to eat those meals. If I am not able to contribute my time to meal preparation when I have signed up to cook, I agree to find a replacement lead or sous chef from the community to ensure my place is covered. 

Meal Signup Sheet    Meal Rotation Signup Sheet

  1. Maintenance and improvement of the community property.

We self-manage and maintain our property through agreed upon tasks and responsibilities, plus scheduled community workdays. In order to keep our neighborhood in excellent condition, it is necessary for all community residents to participate in the ongoing maintenance of the common areas, including our shared common house and the land on our 1-acre property. I agree to participate fully in regular workdays (six 3-hour community work days on a Saturday or Sunday morning during the growing season). If I am unable to participate when scheduled for a workday, I agree to let the workday coordinators know in advance, and make alternative arrangements to get the work done. If at the end of the year, a household has not contributed the required number of workdays or made alternative arrangements, $60 payable to the NCA will be assessed for each workday missed at half-day increments.

Workday Signup Sheet    Community Contributions (Chores) Signup Sheet

  1. Payment of monthly HOA dues and assessments.

Nomad HOA dues cover water, sewer, insurance, fire suppression costs, water filtration for the building, trash and recycling, and costs associated with maintaining the common house, exteriors of the buildings, and the grounds. Dues are calculated based on several factors including the size of the home and the number of residents. In order to maintain the original high quality of the community and pay for ongoing improvements, plus anticipated and unexpected expenses, I agree to pay my monthly dues and other special assessments approved by the Nomad HOA. The current HOA policy:

  •  Dues are due on the first of each month
  •  Dues are late if not received by 12 Noon on the 20th of the month
  •  A $15 late fee is accessed and added to your account for late payments
  •  An additional 1% late fee is applied at the end of the month payable to the NCA to any outstanding balance as of the last day of the month. This 1% fee continues to accrue until outstanding HOA dues are brought current.
  1. Commitment to resolving interpersonal disputes.

I understand that if a conflict arises between me, my household and another household or individual within the community, I will make time to work out the conflict at the earliest possible time per our community agreements.  If necessary, I agree to ask for support from the Nomad Mediation Team for a skillful member of the community to serve as a mediator. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved with the support of the Mediation Team, I agree to seek out a free or paid mediation service, such as the City of Boulder Community Mediation Service (cost $30) and to pay for any expenses incurred in this process.

  1. Major illness and other extenuating circumstances.

I understand that sometimes life-changing circumstances like work or health may make participation in the above activities difficult or not possible for a period of time. I agree to work openly with the community when necessary to help offset my absence and redistribute my workload among other community members. As part of the give and take of community life, I will help others when they are experiencing a challenging time, and I will request help and let the community know when I am not able to fulfill a task I’ve agreed to.  

In summary, I understand that what makes Nomad Cohousing a great place to live depends on the active, continuous participation of our residents. I hereby pledge my active, continuous involvement in this community.